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March 5, 2010
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Darkness and pain, the dream always the same. I would be in a massive void, then I would start to hear voices, screaming and the such. I hated it because I started to always feel the pain, their pain. Pain that I had to inflict, not by choice, but I still did it. They called for me to help but all I wanted to do was block them out, I couldn't help! After a whole night of this I always woke up in a cold sweat, and sometimes a large head ache. And this time was no different.

I sat up in my bed with a rush, the clock blaring next to me with a big 6:15-AM on it. I hit it shutting the thing up. I reached up and rubbed my head, which hurt beyond belief. It felt like I had just been beaten with a hammer while I slept in the same spot non-stop. And I know who held the hammer, The Xenomorphs, or Aliens to the less educated. I deserved it I guess, for all the times I'd put pain to them. I was a keeper, and even though I hated my job with a passion it kept me alive.

Keepers are kind of like guards, but we're only in one area of the ship. I was to protect the scientist and punish any unruly xenos. I kind of wished I could leave the scientist to die in the cages or even main hive down below but then I'd be killed. I wasn't liked by the higher ups of the ship, hated was a better word. And were always looking for a reason to get at me, so I got the most attention on my job, yeh me. And to top it all off the captain hated me most, and I had a crush on his daughter, only adding to the hate. He didn't need to worry though, I felt the same towards him.

The reason I had been made a Keeper was because they knew I would hate it, and because we died the easiest. But just because I didn't have friends in the higher up didn't mean I didn't have friends, in truth I had good handful, which I'll name later. My name is Price Belator, Keeper 1st Class on the USS Desolo. The Desolo was a research/battle/cargo ship of massive proportions. We were researching Xenomorph's and a whole hive was our cargo, and this was the kind of hive that could build a whole building in seconds with all the drones not to mention warriors. And the Queen was absolutly nothing to laugh at. While most were 13 feet tall she was at least 20 feet tall! She had a powerful body to match the height, basically I thanked God daily she never decided to go on a revenge run on me, since I was one of the main keepers. But I guess that's why she was always letting her kids in my head, payback. Also there was an area of the ship that only the highest ranks are allowed, and some of the screams coming from there is definetly no human or xenomorph.

I swung my feet out from the bed and onto the floor before standing up. I stretched before walking into the bathroom, the sliding door opening as I approached. I turned the water on before stripping and looking in the mirror. I looked like any other 20 year old drafted to the military, except I got to keep my hair and I was rather thin with only a little muscle tone. I had dark brown hair that was shaggy and unkept. My eyes were ocean blue. My face was smooth of facile hair and obviously young. Not like I cared, and only a few others did. My skin was whiter then most but not albino. Not like I was out for a girl friend...well maybe I was but not like I had a chance with her. Servent boy wants a chance at the kings daughter, or more of captains, but unless I became some sort of hero and saved her from a dragon my chances were slim.

I got into the shower and was out pretty soon. I dried off before walking back into my room to get my standard armor. I had a sort of riot mask. A normal marien style body armor and as a weapon a electric beater stick, a rifle with cyro rounds, and a semi-acid proof riot shield. It was all in black and white, KEEPER in big bold letters on a few places. "Keeper Belator! Report to the entrance chamber!" I heard over the intercom, "Yes captain A-Hole." I replied, luckily he never kept it on long enough to hear my replies. I walked out into the hall, greyish walls and white lights on the top and in the corners. Multiple doors lined the hall, most still sleeping since they didn't have my all wonderful job, guarding asshole scientist from the greatest killing machines ever known.

The door infront of me opened and who should be there but the captains daughter, oh yeah her name's Kathrin, Kathrin Razgo. She was my age with strawberry blond hair all around her head and light bangs. She was about as tall as me and I was 6'0, but she was still in the 5 foot area so I was taller. Her skin was lighter then mine and her whole body was delicate. Her eyes were more sky blue then ocean "Miss Razgo." I said, Sure I liked her but I wasn't like those retarded people who got all nervous and sweaty, I acted around her like I acted everywhere else, just a bit more polite. "Ah, Price! You know you don't have to call me Miss." Kathrin smiled "Just trying to be polite Kathrin, and I don't think your father would like it if I got the same nice treatment as the rest of the men." I replied and she laughed causing me to grin. "Yeah, my dad can be a bit of an ass to you can't he? Kathrin said "To him, I'm probably lower then the xenomorphs." I replied "Yeah...But at least he doesn't torture you or pull sick experiments," Kathrin said, a look of disgust crossing her face "Trust me Kathrin, I feel like it sometimes, and I hate my job with a passion, so don't judge me on it." I replied and she nodded "I don't, I guess that's your torture from him, to hurt something that doesn't deserve it." Kathrin replied. Kathrin and I were about the only two who thought twice about the xenos' or their feelings or conditions. Hell I even risked my life with random acts of kindness towards them, even if it didn't make up for what I did but it was something.

"Yeah, so...any reason you stopped me?" I asked "Your dad might get a little red if I don't show up to my all wonderful job." I said my voice oozing sarcasim and causing her to laugh. "Yeah, I got you a present!" She beamed and I was shocked, this was a wonderful turn of events. "And?" I asked and she reached into her pocket before pulling out a locket. It was gold and white in the shape of a heart. I opened it and saw a picture of her and me, we had snuck it in the vents one day and her dad was livid, I think it's the one that got me here. I laughed and she smiled. "Thanks, means alot." I said "No problam, as much as father hates it, I like you Price-alot-and it getting under fathers skin is just a bonus." Kathrin smiled before winking and walking away. I pumped my arm and shouted "YES!" When she was a ways away.

Kathrin had most likely hacked the system so her father wouldn't know, like I cared if he knew or not. I put the locket on and under my armor so Captain A-hole couldn't see it. I took the elevator down to level 13, the entrance to the cells, cages, and experiment chambers. A scientist was standing there, Issac if I'm correct, he wasn't the worst but wasn't the best either. "Captain said to come here," I said and Issac nodded looking up. He had glasses with brown eyes, a blonde buzz cut, and a odd muscle tone to him. He was shorter then me. "Hm? Ah yes, Mr. Price. You will be my guard for the day." Issac said matter of factly before motioning for me to follow, which I did. We were in one of thousands of halls, lined with cells where we could look in and see one or more xenomorphs through the glass. The section we were in was mine, so I had most likely beaten and abused each one of them.

I looked into the various cells as we walked. Some xenos coward, some hissed, others lashed out, some looked curiously, some payed no attention, and one, the one that we stopped at, looked at me and I swore it was smiling in it's xenomorph way. This one was also different, instead of black it's exoskeleton was greyish. Issac chuckled "Ah yes, Chara." He chuckled "You stay out here." He told me before walking into the cell. I put my back against the glass and about five minutes later a shout was heard before Issac stumbled out, his forearm ripped off and blood seeping everywhere "Deal with it!" He barked to me before stumbling off.

I sighed before walking into the cell. I gave a nod to the camara as a symbol to turn it off. I sparked the beater a few times for show till I saw the camara turn off. I then put my beater away and sat against the wall. "You've done something I've only dreamed about." I chuckled as the xeno seemed to smile at me. Then I started to hear voices "Why are you smiling at him? Kill him! He is a punisher!" I heared "He isn't a true punisher, or i'd be getting beaten right now. He is different" I heard a female voice reply. Then I heard a gentle but powerful female voice say "Do not hurt the punisher, he is as Chara says...different. We will watch him as always, I still remember some kind things he has done." The voices then agreed before retracting. I swore Chara smiled even bigger in her alien way. What had those voices been? It had been alien!

I looked up and my eyes grew wide. The camara was ON! I gasped before stumbling to my feet. Chara cocked her head before looking to what I had. Her head went back like she was gasping or that was her version of eyes widening. I rushed out of the room to be met with a team of armed guards and Captain Ahab Razgo with a large smirk on his face. "Price Belator, you are charged with consulting with the enemy and betraying humanity." Ahab smirked "You're enjoying this aren't you?" I asked, knowing the answer "Yes, oh very much yes." Ahab answered. He then said in a hushed voice "And remember this Price, she's mine, and will never be yours when I'm done with you." he laughed before I was hit in the back of the head with a night stick. They then stripped me of weapons and armor before two guards grabbed me and started dragging me, and the instant I saw it wasn't up but deeper in the level 13 area I started to panic and struggle. All the cells lining the walls had xenomorphs looking through at me as I was drug to an unknown fate, Ahab had left not seeing any reason to stay around. One Xenomorph let out almost a victory hiss and the rest followed, they were cheering to see me getting a treatment they were used to.

I sighed as I stopped struggling. The xenomorphs were getting their revenge, Ahab and the higher ups were getting what they always wanted, everyone but me was getting their dream to come true. I let a few tears stream down my face, looking around at all the xenomorphs as they hissed with satisfaction at me. I only saw a few looking without making a sound, most likly the ones I had helped or not gotten to. I smirked, I was gonna die in the company of monsters for being their monster. To me it was a giant sick joke and so I decided to die with a smile, wonder how I would go out, eaten alive by xenomorphs? Impregnated? Spaced maybe? Or maybe get beaten to death by the marines or shot. So many ways I could die right now.

We suddenly stopped. We were in a section I had only seen once before. The guard to my left suddenly punched me in the face, hard. The aliens cheered at that. I was hit again and again till the other one stopped him. I was nearly out cold from the repeated beating, if life wasn't ironic! They then began sticking wires and tubes into my arms, legs, chest, and neck. I was too beat to fight back. They then picked me up like a rag doll and threw me into a large tube, like the ones they put the experiments in. The guard that beat me closed the door while the other pulled a lever and the tube began to fill with a liquid, like water but denser. So, I was gonna become a pet project or die via the liquid.

As it got to my neck I was holding on with all I could to stay awake. Then a sort of pain shot through where the tubes and wires entered my body and was quickly spreading. I screamed before the guard smirked at me and said "Good night sweet Prince." He laughed as they walked away. My vision faded as I looked one last time around, it felt like they were all watching...but oddly not laughing anymore. I then drifted into a coma, the pain still highly feelable.
The hive was buzzing with activity, the humans had just betrayed a punisher! One less to hurt their brothers and sisters. But a handful were saddened because of the one it was. In this group was none other then the queen herself, even though it didn't show. The queen's name was Regina. Her advance size wasn't the only difference from other queens. Regina was also highly advanced in her mental state and knowledge. She could even control a weak human if she tried, and she was about to.
A scientist walked through the observatory, looking down at the xenomorph cells and the latest project, a keeper in a test tube. He chuckled but suddenly stopped. "Grab the xenomorph DNA." He heard in his head and he nodded before turning and grabbing a odd collection of containers. "Dump them into the punisher." He heard and nodded before opening a sort of safe leading into all the tubes going into the experiment tubes then blood stream of the keeper. He opened the containers before pouring it all in, every last drop. "Close the shaft, put the DNA back, and get back to your little life." He heard and obeyed before walking away like nothing had happened.
---(one week later)---
I suddenly snapped awake, but didn't need to open my eyes to see for an odd reason. I noticed the lights were dimmed meaning it was the ship's night time. I began pulling the tubes and wires out and they came out extremely easy for some reason. I then heard a voice in my head. The one who had sided with Chara in that cage. "~Little one, can you hear me?~" I heard her ask in a concerned voice "~Uh...yes, who are you? How long have I been sleeping?~" I asked "~I am Regina, in a sense your new mother. And you have been asleep for 7 human days.~" Regina said "~Whoa! A week!? And what do you mean you're my new mother?~" I asked "~All will be explained soon little one, but if you want to get somewhere safe you'll obey my instructions.~" Regina said and I could only sigh before mentally nodding.

"~Good, now head butt the glass infront of you, use all your strength you can muster.~" Regina said. I was about to question her but decided against it. I reared my head back before slamming it into the glass. To my high surprise it broke and I was rushed out with the liqiud. "~Now, RUN! I'll guide you little one.~" She said before I felt the urge to run left. I turned and started sprinting. I was going alot faster then I usually did, but I didn't complain. My muscles were sore from being still so long but I couldn't stay long. I was surprised that the alarm hadn't sounded yet.

"~Right!~" I heard and skidded before rushing that way. It had made an odd scraping sound when I skidded but I didn't think anything of it. Some of the xenomorphs started to stir. They ran up to the window when they saw me running. They all-I didn't know how I could tell-looked completely shocked. I looked ahead and saw a scientist walking towards me. He looked up and gasped and was about to scream but I jumped up and head butted him hard. He fell to the ground as I landed and started running again. It might sound strange but I swore I almost saw a tail when I flipped. I just kept running "~Can you tell me where I'm headed?~" I asked in my head "~The Hive.~" Regina said and I slid to a halt "~The Hive?!? The xenomorphs hate me! I'll be killed!~" I said. I heard Regina sigh before saying "~I guess I should answer this question. Look to your left.~" She said and I slowly turned my head before gasping rather loudly. A mirror wall was there and I didn't see myself looking back. Instead I saw something completely different. Right there was a 8'6", completely dark Xenomorph. I had the four finger claws, my middle and index fusing and my pinky and ring fusing, another thumb had grown across from the other one. The dorsal spines on my back seemed pointer at the end but with holes in them, they weren't straight but more curved. My tail seemed a foot longer then ones I've seen with the ridge of spikes before the blade. I had a rigid warrior head but the very back of my head was pointed and sharp. I had a rib cage chest but the ribs were sort of plated underneath adding defense and the rest of my xenomorph body was sleek and skeletal. I opened my mouth and slowly an inner mouth came out. It looked around and I could see through it before I quickly brought it back in. But there was one main thing I saw, I still wore the locket Kathrin had given me. I was also in a sort of hue and now that I think about it so had all the other xenomorphs been. The scientist had a hue but was a different color, and I had been tempted to kill him, and now I wish I did.

"~I'm...a xenomorph. And if you claim to be my mother...You're the queen mother.~" I said, my mouth not moving as I stepped up to the mirror and countinued to look myself over. How did I know she was a Queen Mother? It just came naturally. "~It is a gift I've givin you, your own race and family abandoned you. I offer you a home, family, and very powerful ability's. And all I ask in return is that you accept them.~" Regina said in a soothing voice. "~Will you not at least accept me as your half mother?~" she finished. And I saw her logic, almost everything she said was true, and who was I to deny someone who was my mother. 'But she is not your mother.' I heard in my head before smirking "~Yes mother, I will accept it and you.~" and after those words left me I felt Regina's happiness rise and I felt oddly more connected to her and the other xenomorphs, even though I couldn't hear them...yet.

"~Now that one question has been answered, are you ready?~" Regina asked "~Yes Regina, just lead the way.~" I replied before turning around and seeing a grey/white xenomorph asleep in a cell, obviusly hurt but I felt happiness from her "~I would also like you to rescue Chara, and I'm sure you would too.~" Regina said and I nodded walking up to the door. I typed in the code and the door slid open. I then took my tail and stabbed the controls jamming them then I walked in and nudged Chara with my claw before getting down on all fours. She was still sleeping. I nudged her with my head a few times. I sensed her slowly wake up since I couldn't see her eyes. I stood up before White rolled over and looked right at me.

"Hi." I said, it came out as a hiss but we could both understand the word crystal clear. Chara broke into a large toothy grin. I smirked. "You're one of us!" Chara said with joy jumping onto me "Uh-huh, I'm part of the family now." I chuckled, to a human it would of looked like she had just attacked me and that we were hissing at each other. "Queen mother said she could repay you for all you've done for us, I never dreamed like this! A punisher made family." Chara beamed "I'm surprized she even thought of doing this, I mean I don't know how many times I've put the other xenomorphs in pain." I replied "But you also helped alot of us like with me, and whenever you did cause pain most the time we could feel how much you hated it and wished you could turn on the men ordering you to do it." Chara said "And now you're helping me even more by freeing me!" She added and I shrugged "Guess I am" I agreed before we turned and walked out the door.

"Well, it's your home we're going to, lead the way." I said and she nodded before she began running, I quickly followed her. We only talked and she told me a lot of things I didn't know. "We're here!" Chara happily informed as we climbed out of a ventilation system she had crawled in as a short cut. We were just inside the hive door having gone around the larger blast door. Chara pushed the door open and I walked in before she went in also before the door slammed shut. A few xenomorphs in the room turned to us and growled/hissed at me but Chara only disregarded them as I followed her deeper into the hive, the xenomorphs following us. Every time we passed an egg I was afraid it might open and a face hugger would latch on to me, they luckily never did.

As we went we got more followers until we were all in a very large room with none other then Regina sitting in a queen way. She smiled when we entered the room "Ah, and so Chara returns with the newest member of the hive." Regina smiled. Just then a tall xeno at least 9'0" feet with muscle bulk stepped forward, must likely an alpha. "He is not a member of the hive! He is a punisher in a xenomorph's body! I say we kill him or send him back out to the humans." The alpha male said "Brutus! This punisher saved my life!" Chara growled to him, apparently Brutus. "You are one among the many he's hurt." Brutus growled back. Regina raised her hands "There will not be fighting among us, Brutus, if this bothers you so much maybe we can get a new route. Little One, you will fight for your right to join the hive, Brutus will fight because he believes you un-worthy, we'll see who wins." Regina sighed and all but Chara, Regina, and me were happy.

"Be ready punisher, this will not be a fight you'll walk away from." Brutus laughed as him and I started circling each other. I didn't wanna fight, heck I barly knew how to be a real xenomorph! But I guess I was the new unliked kid, and to be liked I'd have to beat the Brute of a xeno infront of me. He charged at me and I side stepped but he quickly spun around and I had to jump back as he clawed where I was. "Hold still!" He shouted whipping at me with his tail. He might be stronger but with the added weight I was faster. We played a game of him attack and I dodge before finally when I dodged his attack I wrapped my tail around his legs and caused him to trip. He looked up and I brought my tail down before stopping it right infront of his face "Why don't you kill me? I would you, and that's what punishers do." Brutus panted "Because, I'm not a punisher. And it might look bad if I kill one of the family if I ever want accepted into it." I replied before retracting my tail from infront of his face and helping him up.

"I see, you're undoubtably different from any other punisher then. I am sorry I judged and attacked you so quickly." Brutus said "Don't worry about it, if I were you I would of done the same to you too. Not like my job gave me a good reputation among your kind." I replied "After you beat me, held my life in your arms and gave it back, I think more appropriately it's now OUR kind." Brutus grinned and I smiled back "Thank you." I nodded before Chara jumped on my back and squealed with joy.

"Now that your place with us is un-challengened, you will need a new name...unless you wanna keep your human one?" Regina asked "Forgive my laungage, but Hell No for the human name." I replied and she chuckled "Alright, how about...Benes?" she asked and I nodded "It has a meaning doesn't it?" I asked and she nodded "It is a fusion of Brings Joy and Son of Sorrow. You will and do bring me joy but you are now my son born of sorrow." Regina said and I smiled "Thanks, that seems to fit me well." and Chara nodded as she hopped off "Well Benes, welcome to the hive!" Chara smiled and I could only smile and think 'good to be here.'
The start of my latest series! Go xenomorphs! I promise more action will come, this is just the start.

I do not own aliens, predators, or space mariens.
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I'm more to the marines side though, I know people love the aliens and I respect that, but just in my story, I'm trying to keep my characters alive for as long as book logic can. And for when my friends say they want to die and how, suprisingly 4 out of 8 said they want to turn.
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